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Financial and retirement planning guidance from the team at Mercurio Wealth Advisors in Louisville, Kentucky. Join Chief Financial Advisor Alan Mercurio and Senior Wealth Advisor Troy Bolton each show for helpful conversations about money, life, and retirement. Step into the Retirement Coach's Corner to learn about 401(k)s, IRAs, income planning, investing, and so much more.

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Jun 3, 2021

Do you have your money in all three worlds of money? We talk about all three, as well as their pros and cons in order for you to strike the right balance for your financial plan.


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What we discuss on this episode:

1:01 - What are the three worlds of money?

1:40 - What should you know about the world of banking?

5:29 - What ways can a person misuse the bank?

10:34 - How does the insurance world fit?

12:01 - How can the insurance world be misused?

16:29 - What does Wall Street give us?

18:51 - How do you find a balance?